Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend at Whistler

Was not the ideal weekend since I have been sick since about Wednesday. Oh well, still made the best of it. Took off Friday after work and crashed after an hour of bs'ing once we got up there. Hooked up with a group of folks, had a beer and crashed. Head was pounding and the congestion was kicking in.

Woke up and tried to stay with the training to see if I could kick this thing. Not the case. Started off on a morning run. Uh yeah, cold. Did I mention it was cold. Dang. About 40 minutes into, I headed back to the room. Jumped in the HUGE jacuzzi tub and ran hot water forever. Then took a nap.

Lunch, hanging out in the village, then back for another nap. Dinner at Monks, good filet. Some drinks cards and then I crashed and left the rest of the kids to play.

Crisp Sunday morning for some mtn biking, which was the reason the trip was planned. Last mtn biking weekend before we start boarding. Got some good trail riding up and around lost lake. Lots of new trails done with some sweet thin wood plank bridges and kick ass rock face riding. Good stuff.

On the way back to the village, found a little skills course. Thin planks and a sea saw set up. Pretty sweet. Eric V and I hooked it up a few times and then Steph got in on it as well.

Now home pumping myselft full of some more medicine so I can get some sleep then start the week back on my role as Atlas' corporate slave. C-ya.

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