Sunday, December 28, 2008

A good day at Crystal Mtn

Hello. So the ski/board season has started a little slow on the West Coast, or at least in my 5 hour driving range. We bailed on Friday b/c conditions didn't sound that good as it warmed up and the word on from the double super doppler was more snow Friday and Saturday night in the mountains. Doppler delivered.

Stevens got a good dumping and the backside, which is where you want to be, opens Monday. We opted for Crystal and were not disappointed. The drive from home to the base was smooth and quick, the drive the rest of the way up was slow and at times sketchy. We counted at least 5 vehicles off the road in the ditch on their side. All fresh too. No major collisions, just probably stupidity of driving to fast for conditions.

So instead of hitting the mountain at 9am, we were on it by 10. All 6 of us arrived about the same time and headed up together. The snow was great, especially close and inside the trees. Way powdery and deep. We got some smoking runs in for sure.

Had lunch at the cafe up at the top of the mountain. Not your old school cafeteria, this was a nice swank little on the hill spot with a varied menu. While I could have had the duck salad with lobster bisque, I opted for the late breakfast special; a big plate of cinnamon swirl french toast with marionberry syrup and a side of bacon. The french toast was tasty!

Back to the mountain feeling a little lazy, we all pulled it together and hit it for a couple more hours. While the main faces were a little chewed up, the trees were still the spot to be. By the time we decided last run, quads and cavs were burning, but it was all worth it.

For half the crew, it was our first board adventure of the season. And what a way to start the season off. Hopefully there will be more days to come.


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