Monday, December 01, 2008

It's December 1. Wow.

Great turkey day weekend in Tri-Cities with the fam.  Had a house full too.  My bro and his wife showed up, both nephews, one niece and her husband and two chic terrors, mom, grams col and me.  Lot's of grub, good desserts and football....of course.

Had beers with cuzn Dave and Kelly after turkey day and just chatted about uncle Larry.  His service was Friday.  Nice and real low key.  RIP uncle Larry.

Came home Friday night and went to the Apple store and bought my Macbook.  White and simple, kind of like me.  I like.  Lots of little things to learn about it, but I so look forward to it.  After being on a Dell since 2000, it's nice having a new toy.  

I bought Parallels and I'm picking up Office for Mac from the company store this week so I can do my day job, being that I do work for Microsoft and all.  Good times for sure.

On Sunday, for my first time ever, I went to a tree farm.  Not any old tree farm, an xmas tree farm.  Col and I actually agreed on a tree, even though I still favor the smaller one.  But it's a cool ass noble.  Cool branches.  Thus far, the tree is in the standing, leaning tower of tree-sa of course with no ormanents (yeah I spelled it wrong on purpose).  I'm usually fairly bahumbug, but feeling a little holiday spirit this year.  You people better ride it while you can.

Ok, I'm outa here, one more post to write about my work out.  BR

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