Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG bonuses..WTF

So just a little rant since I watch and listen to way to much news! What a bunch of morons. And I'm not sure who all that includes, but it sure includes a lot of people.

Then we move on to contracts that were signed. Isn't there also something that goes with getting your bonus; something like, uh, you got to perform; meet certain goals and milestones, etc. Did someone really just write a contract agreement saying "here's some dough, and if you don't leave us high and dry, here is some more dough." Hell, sign me up.

Morons. If you wonder which article I ranting about, just Google AIG and bonuses and pick any article. No matter how you slice, there some bullsh*t there for sure.

What? 165 million is a drop in the bucket you say? if you think it's all about the money, you're a moron. Go away.

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