Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Napa Valley Marathon update

Hello there. Back in town and legs are still burning. Overall good day and I hit my PR of running a sub 4. Official time is 3:54!!!!!!! I'm super stoked.

So Saturday was beautiful. Drove the course along Silverado Trail, through the vineyards and hills. The profile of the course is great. First half really fast, second half fairly flat with a couple small rollers.

I had a plan and it was basically to Pace the Race. No, I did not come up with that saying, I give that one to ELF. But that was my plan. Originally, I was going to run 9 min pace for first half and then pick it up for the second half for a negative split. After driving the course, I sort of changed my mind a little.

Woke up Sunday morning to pouring rain...from start to finish. Got up early, had yogurt, bagel and some water. Got to the start and hung out in the rain for a few and then the gun went off. Small venue of probably a couple thousand participants.

So I started off at about an 8:40 pace b/c the course was/is so fast in the beginning. I would have to go back and check my miles, but I had a pretty good race up until about mile 23 and my legs were done. The last 3 miles I was spent. Really the last two.

But by then I was well ahead of my sub 4 goal. Came across the finish line with probably one of the biggest grins I have had in a long time. Coach Col was pleased as well and I send her a big thanks for all of her efforts and guidance.

Thanks to everyone for your support. Oh, and nice work Stephy and congrats on your PR and beating your Vancouver time!


ming said...

i do recall you teaching me the power and beauty of thetriathAlete shuffle, did it come out in napa?

good job, i think youre a damn fool for running that far. just saying

from 2006 stp

ming said...
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ming said...
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ming said...

jesus christ, why did that post 3 damn times. now i feel dumb...