Monday, June 01, 2009

Kona on day of arrival

Aloha from sunny, and this week, humid, Kona. This week a handful of us traveled to Kona for 1) Honu 70.3, 2) Pacific NW Region USAT Council meeting, and 3) disconnect! All three agenda items fulfilled.

We all checked into the house in Waikaloa Village Thursday and Ann had booked a great place to stay. Colleen and I checked in first, then picked up Ann a bit later from the airoport and Linnea showed up later that night.

Col, Ann and I put bikes together on Thursday, took a super short spin and lounged.

Friday morning consisted of an hour run for me, and an easy 10 minute run for the ladies. Yes, I said 10 minutes. I played TriCaddy and the three new clients were participating in Honu so nothing hard before game day for them.

Off to participant check in/packet pick up. Like most events, reconnect with fellow tri comrades we may have not seen since last event, a little bike envy viewing and a little shopping of the vendors that were there.

That afternoon, Ann and I rode to T1 to check bikes in and TriCaddy partner JJ, drove Col, LA and their bikes to T1. Once done there, all 4 were off to mandatory race participant team meeting at 3pm. While they were boring themselves with no drafting or blocking procedures, I took off from Hapuna Beach, home of the swim start, and rode the course.

Had some good headwind all the way to the turnaround. I forgot how hilly/rolly it is to Hawi. On my way back in there was actually a quick trickle of rain and I started to think about getting caught in a horrid downpour....didn't happen:-)

Of course I had not really planned on riding the course so the 2 water bottles I had and lack of nutrition caught up with me quick. Thankful for me the couple of gu's and clif shots were enough nutrition and I was able to stop off at the ranch security booth and refill water bottles. Thanks bruddahs!!!!

Made it back to the house in about 3 hours and was pretty much spent. Immediately headed into Kona for last minute pickups and grub. Good little hole in the wall mexican. Yummie tamales, beans and rice.

Back home for last minute preparation and a good night of sleep.

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