Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rant on Smokers

Hey there and long time no chat. This is more of just a rant about what I saw on my stroll to my car today after leaving work than about sharing some statistics about how many people die from smoking everyday or how many teens are smoking, etc.

We all know it's a nasty habit and hell, even smokers don't like the taste it leaves in there mouth. But people smoke anyways.

The one thing that I think irritates me most is that a lot of smokers just toss their butts right on the ground when they are done. Don't they know cigarette butts are not good for the environment? Ok, so I'm not Mr. Green, but it is littering.

So anyways, I'm walking by Qwest Field set of doors, the ones under the breezeway by the entrance to the Pro Shop and there is a dude, an employee of some sort out having a smoke. Not that he was smoking right up on the door but the fact that he got done and threw his cigarette down right there next to the other three, hawked a big ass loogie in front of the door and pulled out his pass and keys, unlocked the door and went back inside.

Just nasty dirty in my opinion. Probably went and took a leak and didn't wash his hands. No high fives from that dude.

Ok, time for some ice cream. Later.

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