Sunday, November 26, 2006

Support Crew for Seattle Marathon

Rainy, wet and cold. It was a 2 Starbucks kind of day. The day started off early, like 6am when Mr. Crampy and MC-Beth showed up and Cols. MC and Col ran the Seattle half today and Mr. Crampy and I played support crew. But not before bman hooked up some hashbrowns, eggs, and toast.

Then off to Leschi to root folks on. I saw Kelly R, one of the girls from TriDivas and she finished strong, 1:33 and I think 4th in her age group. Then saw Tony from always running pacing a client, then Leslie pacing a client.

And then appeared Col and MC, on time and looking good. They dropped of some stuff and took off. Mr. Crampy and I chilled for a few, then when we found an opening in the crowd, got out of dodge and headed towards the finish.

Caught w/Futa DT and watched the girls finish. They looked good and MC finished 2:01 something. Pretty much on her goal time and a great job for her first ever half marathon. She trained well so we went to breakfast at Greenlake bar and grill where all she did was look at her food while the rest of us grubbed:-) Plus had Starbucks.

Congrats MC on the run and congrats to your coach for pulling out so many one liners to keep you motivated:-)

BTW, it snowed the rest of the day, yes in the city. Maybe "school" will get cancelled.

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snowygrl said...

Thanks for being part of such a good support crew :)