Monday, November 27, 2006

MNF Seahawks vs Packers

Wow, what a game. And what a night of weather. We bailed from work early b/c the dark clouds were sending a message that the weather was going to get crazy and it did. As we left work around 4pm, the masses were beginning to gather and stroll about in anticipation of the big game.

I drove to work today b/c it was too dang cold and icy to be riding the bike and WAY to chilly to be standing at the bus stop. Strong potential I could be driving tomorrow.

So on my drive home, I stopped at the gym on westlake and got a circut workout in. And as I left the gym, the snow/rain was coming down. I thought it would be cool to go check out the boat while it was snowing so I did. It was cool. I walked out on the dock and just kind of stood around for a few minutes. Did I mention it was cool.

Anyways, the good news is I will be taking possesion of the boat on Monday Dec 4th. WAHOO!

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