Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend workout

For the week I rode 4 out of 5 day (M,T,Th,F). And man, Friday sucked as bad as Thursday. Just as wet and windy. No workout Friday night. Went out to dinner at Kafe Neo's, great greek food joint in the northe end.

Saturday continued to be crappy, and I mean crappy. Did I say mas crappier than Thur or Fri? Mas crappier for sure. Yet I still ran 14 miles and change in preparation for Cal Int'l Marathon in Cali on Dec 3rd. Felt real good most of the time and the second half was faster than the second half.

After a crappy day like playing in the rain, I/we (Col, McBeth, Kyle) made a special trip to Mickey D's for a cheeseburger combo. Nothing like some some yummie fries after a tough workout like that.

And for today, sleep in, run around and get my single speed dialed in. New lights, front fender on and some minor adjustments. She's good to go though.

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