Monday, December 11, 2006

2 weeks missed

So lots has gone on since last post. Stuff, stuff and some other stuff. The newest is there is a PR for BR at the Cali Int'l Marathon. Best previous time was 4:35 in DC in 2005 and I got a 4:14 on Dec 3rd in Cali.

Started off really fast with Col who got a new PR of 3:44 and qaulified for Boston in April. Nice job Col. For the first 5-8 miles we were doing some sub 8's and the hanging around the 8 time frame. I held fairly strong until about the half way mark and then went down hill frome there.

I felt good starting off fast and holding it for awhile, pretty much knowing that that was a stupid thing to do, but whatever. Gives me some motivation to know that I can run faster than I think I can. So a sub 4 marathon is just around the corner. Then I quit running.

Beat my previous time which was my goal so I'm stoked.

What's gone on since 12/4. Well my legs really hurt and it was about Wednesday (12/6)when I finally went to the gym, spun for 20, efx for 20. I'm sure I did some other stuff last week, but can't recall. Lots of both stuff.

I'll try and get back on track....again. BR

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