Monday, May 21, 2007

After so many months...I'm back in action

Hello there. So I sort of took some time off from my blog. My life has just been way to busy with work and training and lot of other excuses that are not coming to mind right now. But I'm back.

While it is Monday, the big news was last Friday.

I work for Atlas, a division of aQuantive ( Pretty good company and a dominant player in our market space. Overall, I think everyone is pretty excited and it seems like a good move for us as a company.

Friday was also the big bike to work day. And as some of you know, May is bike to work month. I have been riding almost everyday this month. Friday was fun b/c we had great weather and there were loads of bikers out on the streets. And of course free swag.

Sunday took the boat out for a "sunday drive" on Lake Union and Lake WA. Then stopped and put some gas in. So I have two 98 gallon tanks. I only put in 92 gallons at a cool $400. Thought I was going to fall over. Welcome to marine world:-)

What else can I say today? Ah, only a week and some change before Hono 70.3 on Big Island. OY YEAH. Training is going pretty well overall and I'm looking forward to my first open water swim w/o a wetsuit. Should be interesting.

Ok, I think this is all I have in me today. BTW, IM for today: acquisitions make the world go round.


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