Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gloomy to Sunny

The morning started out interesting. Pretty gloomy, and I was thinking rain, but it did not. And by lunch time, it was nice. And by the afternoon, it was really nice.

Started off the morning by having coffee with one of my most fav hiring managers from Expedia. She has had the luxury of taking the last few months off and is now ready to start looking for a new adventure. So we talked a little shop and also caught up on things.

Tried to swim but that didn't work out. Why you ask? Because I knew the sun was out. So I went and worked outside.

Col got off in a timely manner so we rode for a good hour out and back on the trail before it got dark. No heart rate monitor and no watch. But that's pretty standard for me. Good little ride though.

Will make another attempt at swimming this week:-)

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