Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Ok, so I took a few days off from the blog as I spent most of the day trying to get some work things done and prepare the boat for the weekend.

Bought a few things for the boat, grocery shop, load the boat, etc. Friday was a nice day and I worked from the boat and even managed a short bike and a short run.

Saturday morning we took off on the boat and headed to Andrews Bay passing by some of the fat pads along the water then making our way inside the bay to find a good spot. Paul anchored, and I pulled up next to him(pretty good), we tied up and prepared to chill.

The weather was so awesome on Saturday that I got burnt. I also had my first open water swim of 2007. It was not far, but Piper dog and I went for a swim, from the boat to shore. Took a walk and people were looking at me like I was crazy. Then we got back in the water and swam back out to the boat.

The night got ugly. Rainy, windy and just plain ugly. Lots of drinking then crashing.

Sunday morning was not as ugly but still rainy and wet. Breakfast on the boat, chill then take off around lunch. Docked outside of Ivars on Lake Union, grabbed lunch and ate on the boat.

Then we took her in and docked. Not bad. I still get a little nervous, but we docked her pretty easy just the two of us. Getting pretty good at it.

Came back Sunday late afternoon and off to the Johnsons for a little house party for Aimee's bday. Good little party.

Another entry for my workouts in just a bit. B

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