Sunday, June 17, 2007

Last half week in review

Ok, so I continue to try to be consistent with writing in my blog, and it looks like every few days equals consistency for me.

Thursday, I did nothing. Bike to work, 17 miles round trip.

Friday, 30 minute swim in GL and then a 3 mile run. Felt good, fast run.

Saturday, 57 mile ride with Col, MC, Crampy, Stephy, and me. Good ride overall even though we got lost. Lots of rednecks in Snoho area and we got plenyt of unfriendly honks. If you are a redneck and don't like bikers, kiss my buttox!

Sunday, 9 mile run with Col. Felt strong, about 1:12.

Ok, time to go bbq. Later

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