Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First half of the week in review

So I'm actually feeling pretty good that it has not been a month since my last entry. Just Sunday, only a few days. So lets review the last few days.

Monday, bike to work. Round trip I logged in 22 miles. No other Workout.

Tuesday, bike bright and early with Mr. Crampy. Met up at Lake Forest Park and headed out from there. Logged in a nice 35 miles. Up and over Juanita Hill is a tough way to start the morning for sure.

Then Col, MC, Crampy, and I swam in Greenlake. Logged in just about 30 minutes. Water was actually pretty nice and comfortable. Will definitely be trying to get back in with some consistency in preparation for that upcoming 2.4 mile swim:-)

And today, just bike to work. Logged in 17 miles total. I love riding to work. It so keeps the edgy attitude level down. That and I just love being on my bike, road or single speed.

Ok, all for now. BR

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