Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last week catch up.....

So where did I leave off. Who knows, I sure don't. Let's just start with last week.

So I got a little gym membership at Always Running with anytime access. That'll work. Time to get back to some circuit workouts.

Left for San Fran on Thursday and had awesome weather the entire time. Col and I strolled around town, hung out at the waterfront and of course, did some shopping.

Had a great steak dinner at Mortons Steakhouse where we saw a few of the KC Chiefs. Not sure which ones, but who cares, it's the Chiefs. They were playing at Oakland and it was an ugly game so I'm glad I did not score tickets.

Mac flew in on early Saturday morning and we all just hung out. Had a nice pasta take out dinner from the hotel restaruant. Villa Florence Hotel is good stuff. Great location and nice little hotel with a decent price point.

The Nike Womens Marathon was Sunday and Col and Mac did not have to leave early since the start line was about a half a block stroll right outside the hotel.

They left and I finally got moving and went out and snapped a few photos of the start. 20,000 plus strong spread through a handful of blocks. It was crazy. Took several minutes for everyone to get rolling.

The shuttle system was a cluster f*ck so I caught the Muni-their transit bus and got down close to Golden Gate Park and then went on the run looking for the girls. Let's just say I ran about 7 miles that day looking for them.

Finally got on the course and could not catch up with them. Figured they were going to be between 430 and 5 hour time frame. I caught up and got in front of the 445 pacer but was not sure where they might be..either in front or behind so I ran some more and ended up just decided to head out to the Great Highway and head out from the finish toward mile 24 or so.

Col came by and was looking pretty darn good. Handful of minutes in front of the 430 pacer and ended up finishing like 426. Then I saw MC. She was looking pretty good herself cruising along and I ended up running in with her towards the finish.

What a great day to be running. We hung out at the beach for a little bit and then headed back to the room.

Overall good trip to San Fran. Sure I could have shared more, but I have exceeded my blogging focus time. I'm only good for so long. And I have hit "long."


Oh yeah, first day back in the office and road to work. RT of about 18 miles and what an awesome day to ride. I heard the rain was coming though.

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