Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Portland Marathon

Hello there. I really think I have only been gone a couple a couple weeks, but who knows. Yeah I could look back, but why. I know I did not say much:-)

Ok moving on. So last Sunday 10/7 I ran Portland. Felt it was a good time to run a marathon since my run was feeling pretty strong all the way through Ironman Canada. Coach Col and other said it might be to soon but hey, I'm feeling pretty good. Wrong answer light fighter.

4:28. Not a bad time, but 29 minutes slower than what I wanted to do. Short recap.

Didn't take off to fast and kept an eye on my avg pace and mile time. Go Garmin! Saw Futa at about mile 11 and was feeling pretty good. Nice and steady. 1/2 way at 1:53 and still feeling pretty good. Mile 17 seems like a fairly long hill. So since I was on time, I walked it. Got moving again at the bridge.

Until about mile 19 I was between the 345 and 350 pacers. 350 pacer passed me and I was slowing down significantly. Man my legs are heavy.

Mile 20, oh, there goes the 4 hour pacer. Not gonna make that sub 4 time. Oh well. Overall run was good overall and I realized that I needed more rest.

So nothing else on the calendar at the moment as far as events go. B

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