Thursday, November 08, 2007

Week of 11/5

Monday: Run 4.5 miles before rolling my ankle. First time I can recall doing that to where it hurt that bad.

Tuesday: Spin class starts. Small class of about 6 plus the instructor. Good little group of people and it was a great workout. Izette is founder/co owner of real rehab and is the one that put the class together. We did some pretty cool drills like one legged spins varying the time, some cadence drills going up and down, and stayed in zones 1 and 2 for the most part. Not that I really know what my zone 1 and 2 are, but who cares. Great workout. And ankle only hurt a little bit.

Wednesday: bike to work. Crisp morning but good ride to work and home. Did a circuit workout as well which felt good.

Thursday: bike to work. Actually not as cold as it was the last few times I rode in. Still a bit foggy and dark when I leave. Spin class tonight was another good one. Inividual leg focus, idle ride to max spin, fast to faster to sprint, all times being varied.

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