Monday, December 03, 2007


Man is this weather crappy. So we ran a wet 5 mile loop at Greenlake. Wet and cold, two things I do not like. But it got done. Garmin was pissing me off as it was not reading heart rate right. There is no way in hell I can be running a 9 minute mile and at mile 3.5 have a heart rate of 92. Are you shitting me. Whatever. Mileaage was right though:-)

Monday. The crappy weather continues. Work from home and watch the news all day about all the landslides, flooding, etc.

Circuit workout and some abs. Weighed in today and was at an even 2oolbs.

Watching dvr of IM Kona right now and man, its just good stuff. Makes me motivated to want to do another. But not in 08:P

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