Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boston, the best sports town thus far

Ok, let's don't lie; Seattle sports fans are pretty finicky. Sometimes we like them, lots of times we don't, or those of us don't care for them really at all and root for them or against them all depending who they are playing.

I have traveled to a few cities and have been to games and stadiums and to date, Red Sox fans rock. Not only do they get behind their team, but man that is a fun stadium to be in and the fans are great. Oh, and what a clean stadium.

So I scored some right center outfield bleacher seats which actually were not to bad. And the fans in our area, to the right (couple sections away from the Green Monster), and to the left were awesome. They can drink beer too.

I also think they have got to buy more in merchandise than most other clubs out there. I swear 1 out of every 2 people had some sort of sox garb on. It was awesome. They talk about the red sox nation over the speakers as if it is the cult of all cults. And it is.

When they play songs during long innings, pitching changes, etc., the crowd sings along, often even continuing to sing when the song ends and they are not. It was great. When Sweet Caroline came on, it was crazy. Certain parts they added in words, hit the BA BA BA hard and loud even when the inning began, the crowd kept going until they felt like finishing.

Game started at 7ish, and when we left the game it was about 11pm, I, of course grabbed a sausage dog for a late night snack. A tasty treat, but not sure it was an $8 dog. Oh well, what a great experience.

So great, I may have to jump on the red sox nation band wagon b/c Boston is a true sports town. Go Sox. Oh yeah, what a great fricking game. Sox won 7-6.


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