Monday, April 21, 2008

Baaastin and Marathon Monday

So today is Patriots Day in Boston. I have no idea what that is, nor am I looking it up and including a link.

How many marathons take place on Monday? Not many eh. I did not "Live Search" that one either, but I have done more than a handful and they have always been on Sunday.

It was a great day for a run. The early morning started off crisp and a little overcast before the sun came out. It was a great day for runners and spectators. I actually think my journey was a little longer with the wait I had for the subway coming back in from mile 17.

I went out to mile 17 early and pulled a seat on the curb with Col's parental units. We got to see lead wheelchair guy as well as the other wc competitors, the lead males and they were moving. Then the lead females, and they too were moving. The two that battled it out in the end, Kenya and Russia (I think), were also together at mile 17.

Lance came through, in yellow of course, as well as Team Hoyt, which was really cool and inspiring to see. Those two have done so much and it was really cool to have finally meet in person.

Missed Col, not sure how, but none of us seen her come by. And we were there b/c I got the 30k alert on the phone. Also missed Brian P too, and I was looking for him as well.

The trip back was painful, not totally, but there was waiting pain. Finally got back downtown and Col was leaning up against Hermes of Paris building on the corner outside of the subway stop looking like Homeless Bob laying in the sun.

Well she did well and finished in 3:54. Nice work Col.

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