Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Florida part 1...event week

Hello there. So I'm a little behind, but hey, I did not take my laptop on vacation:-) Crazy for me.

Anyways, got into town Thursday late morning and Crampy and MC came to pick us up. Liz also showed up around the same time so we all synced up and made our way to the condo. Nice spot. Good pick MC.

Did the athlete check in, put our bikes together and just chilled.

On Friday, went for a swim in our wetsuits as the water was a little crisp. Hung out with Liz and met one of her clients Rob and his buddy Erich. Both good cats from Oregon, skinny and fast:P Oh, and waaaaaayyyyyyyy funny. Rob is a total spaz and hilarious and Erich can bake. Yes, these are important things to know.

So actually got a decent night of sleep on Friday and up at 5am on Saturday, game day. Bikes and gear were checked in on Friday, so we just had to drag a couple things down like nutrition and what not and do a final check of things.

Pros kicked off as usual at 645 and Andy Potts, Olympic Tri Guy, came out of the water first in about 22 minutes. I got to see it as I was still on the beach. Not b/c I'm slow, but b/c my wave did not kick off until 730.

I had a great start. Just wandered in behind the craziness, picked a line to the left and harldy ever bumped into anyone. Oh, and no panic attacks! Thats a good day. Swim was pretty standard at about 37 minutes. Overall satisfied with it.

Had a crappy T1 as I grabbed the wrong bag. Started to get into it, realized it wasn't mine and had to run back out and grab mine. Once changed, I was out the tent and grabbing my bike.

The bike was like no course I have have ever ridden. Super flat and fast. As fast as you could push yourself. To date, my fastest bike was like 2 hours 39 minutes. I did something like a 2:25. I don't feel like looking up my times, but I think that is close. What was even crazier was there was no coasting. I mean you pedaled all the way. It totally took it out of me.

On to the run. Not really pretty at all. The temp started to rise as well as the humidity. My first few miles were not bad, but then I sort of caved. I got hot and literally had no pep in my step. AT about mile 4 or 5 I was like, man, just shuffle as best as possible. Ended up walking through almost every aid station drenching myself in water and sponges. Not my best run at all, but I survived.

Only complaint I have, WAY TO MUCH drafting with crap ass officiating. I could have shaved time off my bike and saved my legs had I been able to hang on to any pack of 15-25 riders rolling 30 mph.

Overall a fun experience and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. More of Florida to come. BR

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