Thursday, November 06, 2008

Touch down in Florida

After catching the red eye out of Seattle, we touched down in Florida today.  Crampy and MC came and picked us up and I finally met Liz.  Good peeps.

The place MS found online is super nice and pretty spacious.  Close the the expo, etc and the beach.  MC, Crampy, Col, Me, Crampy's pops, Linda and Jerry and Liz.   And it should be good for all of us and our gear.  Liz has the closet, which is funny, but it will pitch dark for her to crash:-)

We got signed in today, got our packets, drove a good portion of the bike course with Liz, one of her clients Rob from Eugene, Ore and his buddy Eric.  Cool and super funny.  

The bike and run are pretty flat with just a couple of bumps that we have to do twice on the bike and run, if I remember correctly.  The bike seems suuuupppppeeeerrrrrr fast though and everyone keeps saying that this is for sure a PR course.  So I'm stoked to hear that as the goal is to beat my Vineman time of 5:21.  Would love to be as close to 5 as possible and if I got sub 5, I'm so treating myself to something.  Not sure what, but something good and probably bike related:-)

So far, our first destination, Clearwater, is good.  I could not spend my entire vacation here, but it does have some good beaches and would be a good place to relax and disconnect.  And real estate, as you know, is cheap right now.  Beach front condo's (studios and 1bds) going for 200k plus.  It's crazy.

Crampy and I played with Liz, Col and my bike and got them all put together and a little tune.  We'll take them for a little spin tomorrow and ensure all is in check.  The Hottie looks good with Zipp race wheels on her.  We'll see if I can push those bad boys on Saturday.

Lots of stuff to do tomorrow as far as putting bags together an checking everything in.  But low stress and positive energy.

Wanted to try and get something down tonight so I can get motivated about blogging about the trip and the event.   This week, the focus remains on the event, generating positive energy and visualizing myself with a solid swim, a great bike and a great run.  I will be in my Zen place soon.

Night night.  BR

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