Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bikers vs Morons (editor James Vesely mainly)

Hey folks, for those of you who don't normally pick up the stranger, you should check out 12/11 issue.  Page 6, No, You Shut Up section, article You Bikers Get off My Roads.

The article was written by Eric Barnett who you can follow or read up on at  This is a great article not matter what type of biking you do but especially, IMO, for those who commute.  And being an almost year round pedal power commuter, I enjoyed it.  

I rewrite the article, but wanted to make sure people got a chance to read it.  I would also suggest reading the comments below.  While I think Seattle is a fairly bike friendly city, we could still work on various things to not make it such a We (bikers) vs Them (drivers) type of thing.

I especially like the comments by Smith.  Doesn't really take a side but points out good and improvement areas on finding a middle ground. 

Enjoy the read.

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