Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yep, twice in one week.

Hello there.  So It has been a few days and I have no excuse for not writing being that I have been home since Wednesday night.  Why you ask?  For those of you outside of Seattle, the snow started falling that evening and we woke up to a couple the city

Now normally I would not say a couple inches is anything to worry about, but around here, people cannot drive...when it rains.  And yes, we are known as the rainy state, rainy city, whatever.  It rains a lot.  So you add a couple inches of snow and watch out.

Then off and on it has continued to snow with the second storm coming in late Saturday afternoon.  And it hit hard.  I only live about 8 miles from downtown Seattle and by midnight Saturday night, we had between 4-6 inches of super dry snow.  It was awesome.  Took Piper for a walk and she loved it. Diving in and out of the snow and making fresh tracks in lawns and driveways.

Woke up this morning and we must have gotten a little freezing rain which made the deep snow fairly crunchy.  Regardless, it is great waking up to a winter wonderland.

May actually venture out today, by snow boots and stroll to the mall.  It's not that far away actually.  I'll go old school and tell kids about walking 2 miles one way just to get to the mall to spend money!

Alright, back to the football game.  

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