Saturday, January 03, 2009

Communication is key...have I said that?

Good evening kids. So I have I told you lately that communication is key? Both in work and in personal life it is important. Sometimes we are good at it, sometimes it's a work in progress. But no matter what, you have to communicate.

In both work and personal, you should not hold onto things. You know what that causes, build up. Yup, build up. Then it bursts and that is not always a good thing. It is not good to hold onto things. If you think it is something that needs to be addressed now, then address it. Like anything else, try not to be an ass, but present or engage in conversation the best way possible and take it from there.

Also, don't not say anything. If who you are talking to doesn't know how you feel about something, how can they address it, change, explain to why, etc. Hopefully they will listen, engage, then you listen and conversation happens. Not an arguement, a conversation.

Alright, that is Mr. Bryan's words of wisdom on a chilly Saturday night. Enjoy your weekend.


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