Friday, January 09, 2009

No casualties in bike crash Thursday night

Aloha Friday. Grab your attention with the title? For those of you that don't know me well, I ride the streets of downtown Seattle on a regular basis on my commute to work. And while the crazy weather has caused some very sketchy rides to and from work, I have not crashed, nor been run into by any cars.

So who crashed? Where? Was it bad?

Tuesday and Thursday nights I am part of a kick ass spin class taught by a Cat 1/2 Rider/Racer. It's a small intimate class of about 10-12. This is our second year doing this class, and last night was the first "sort of" crash.

Ok, it's more funny than scary. I just figured I would drama it up a bit to entertain myself.

We all used Fluid Bike Trainers. Secure the back wheel in the trainer, sit the bike back on the roller and you are riding inside. This isn't your rooty poot PE bike training course, we ride hard and the workouts are leg burning.

We are like 55-60 minutes into our session and we are in our 5th 4 minute Zone 4 interval and I'm heads down hammering. I'm spinning next to our leader, Iz, and I'm hammering. Next thing I know, I come out of my trainer and I'm falling to the left into Iz. I reach out and put my hand on her top tube and catch myself. And I actually think Iz just kept on spinning. Would want to stop her groove.

I did not come out of the pedals, my bike literally popped out of the trainer. Pretty funny actually. I checked things out, dialed my bike back into the trainer, and jumped back into the workout.

No casualties. It was a good night at spin.

Have a great weekend. BR

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