Sunday, March 29, 2009

A bike ride in the sunshine

Good evening folks. So I didn't race this weekend b/c the race I wanted to do yesterday was way out south, like just a little south of Olympia. And well, when I woke up it was pouring rain and snowing in areas out south and east to the mtns. So I stayed in bed for a little while longer and then opted for a 5 mile run in the mud around Greenlake. Just like being 9 agian...only I think I might be faster now. Funny eh.

Woke up this morning and it was sunny, and a little crisp. Like high 30's crisp. But sunny and dry. Col and Steph had a 5 hour training ride and I figured I would tag along. It was a chilly start but we were soon climbing hills on our towards Snohomish and eventually made it all the way up to Arlington within about 2.5 hours before turning around.

I had a little workout planned and hit a couple 10 minute TT efforts, a couple of 5 minute TT efforts, several 1 minute hard efforts and hammered most of the hills. Oh, I also had plenty of pull time as well, and even picked up an unsociable wheel sucker here and there. Either take your turn, be sociable and get the hell of my wheel jackass.

The usual excitement of the day, when your in that neck of the wood is how many red necks in trucks will honk, scream or swerve at you. Well we had two. One not so bad, just Mr. Black, the color of his truck barreling towards us in the wrong lane as he is trying to pass everyone in sight b/c they are not doing 90 on the country road.

The, I'm a Red Neck Jackass Award goes to.....Mr. Country F*ck in My Big Red Truck. Moron cut us off at the 4 way stop and then got pissy. I think Stephy gave him more middle finger pumps than I did. So I raise this evenings beer to Mr. Country F*ck in your BigRed Truck. May a flat tire find it's way to you this week.

Ok, I'm done for the night. Chat w/you folks later.

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