Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tour De Dung #2 and my rookie mistake

Hey there. I'm a little behind on this but it's worth noting. This was my second bike race this year and I raced the same course as my first on on 3/8. Great day to be out there racing. A little crisp, but dry. They also broke up the fields so Cat 4 and Cat 5 raced separately.

In short, I had a blast overall. I had one main goal going into it. I wanted to stay front to mid pack the entire race. I accomplished that for the most part. I found myself in the back a couple times, but it did not take much effort to get back up towards the front. I even attacked a couple times; once a flat and once on a climb. Just not the right climb. Reeled back in after that short effort.

My rookie mistake? DQ for jumping the centerline before the 200m mark. For those of you not racing, we race on a two lane road and basically stay in the right lane the entire time and do not cross over the center line into on coming traffic.

Only at the last 200m, where there is a sign, it opens up and the entire road is game. As we were getting close to the sign, I found the pack riding sort of slow and bunching up and I had not positioned myself very well. I got antsy, jumped early and outside and the official pegged me.

Was I bummed, eh, a little. But the legs felt good during the race. Only after the race and in the car did the hammies start screaming. Man, I have done a lot of tri's of all distances and never have my legs screamed like they did after that race. We covered almost 49 miles in 2:08 or so.

While my bike racing career is still super young, I am having a good time.

Rubber side down my friends. BR

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