Saturday, May 09, 2009

San Diego Road Trip 09 Day 1

Long time no chat. I'll try and keep some of this short, but we know how that usually turns our.

So my boy Futa (aka Da Mad Japper aka Japass) was laid off from his job after about 8 years and made the decision to move to SD w/his girl. After getting the rest of the Uhaul loaded Thursday morning we left Bellevue around 1130am.

Thursday, day led us out of Bellevue with Japper in the Uhaul (it was all his crap loaded in there) and me in his Acura (man I was comfy and had lots of tunes). We made it out of town and through Portland hitting no traffic.

We stopped in a litte town called Coburg, Ore for a late lunch (3ish) and gas. We got our feast on at one of the only joints there, Country Pride. See the pic of lunch with SuMass on FB or the link attached. This qualified as greasy spoon joint and gets a thumbs up for serving breakfast special #1 for lunch. Rock on Flo.

Back on the road, we hit a little traffic in Ashland or Medford or somewhere south Oregon but really it was pretty eventless. Driving by by Shasta was way cool. I mean WAY cool. It was a clear evening as the sun set and the moon rose right above the mountain. See pics on link attached.

We blasted through the first part of the mountains and ended up making it to Weed Californa. We stopped in as we thought we'd top off the tanks and find a place to crash. Then we had this wild idea that it was only another 60 miles or so to Redding and the moon was shining full and bright so we should just do it.

Brillant! Not so much as it was the most sketch-ass part of the trip. Would have been fine during the day, but let's just say that is one of the most windy (not breezy like) turny roads I think I have ever been on. While I could motor through it in the Acura, I held back and drove in front of Futa so he could see what the heck was going on. If you have driven a Uhaul, you know they are not the most sporty rides around.

To say the least, we made it to Redding, checked in to our high end Motel 6 and had some nutritous Mickey D's. I think my stomach still hurts. Can I get some mayo with my chicken sammich please?!

So with minimal stops for eats and gas and 10.5 hours we made it from Bellevue to Redding. Not bad.

Woke up about 7ish, hit Starbucks and got on the road. Day 2, here we go.

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