Saturday, May 09, 2009

San Diego Road Trip 09 Day 2

Day 2, Friday, had us on the road at 8ish after fueling up at Starbucks with a triple grande extra hot no whip mocha and a ham and cheese breakfast sammich. Tasty.

I5 South, here we come! I have to tell you that there is some serious country out there. And I mean country, like wheat fields, for miles. Do I sound shocked? I was a little. Not sure why, but I was.

Pretty eventless I must say. I did not even take that many car-photos . Man I was bored. We stopped a couple times for gas and grub, again, uneventful.

As we make our way closer to LA we hit Magic Mtn and then the valley area and then BAM, traffic. WTF people?!?!!? Seriously, I think I'd take 520 between 4-7pm any day over this crap. From the valley area outside of LA, it took us almost 3 more hours to get to his parents place in Laguna Miguel, SoCal. Good lord.

But Bill and Sumi had ordered Chinese grub so all was good. Plus they had the Laker/Rockets game on so all was good. We stayed long enough for a quarter and a couple plate fulls of grub and then on our way to SD.

I think it was about 9 or a little after when we left. Made it to SD just after 10. Checked out the new apartment they will call home for awhile and then Japper, "Pete" (the g'friend) I went for a walk by the beach and the boardwalk. Then walked down Garnet (familiar to me from my previous visits) and it was hopping. Bars were packed and lots of good people watching.

Finally crashed knowing that we had a few hours of unpacking coming our way today (Saturday).

And as I write this, it's 7pm and it actually only took us about 3 hours to unpack the uhaul! I also went for a 4 mile run along the beach, hung out by the pool for a bit and chilled. This evening will be another chilled evening and hopefully the sun will be a bit brighter Sunday so I can get me some rays.


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