Friday, November 23, 2007

Some week updates

So did the VO2 test the other for the bike and it was pretty cool. Basically put on my mask, hook it up to the machine, and pedal. The resistance got up to about 350 watts and it got challenging as the time went on. Was a good short work out and I kept it at about a 90 cadence for the entire time.

In a nutshell, BR now has accurate heart rate ranges to use:-) Guess now that means I need to start wearing my heart rate monitor. Damn.

Pretty cool to see the stages too at which you hit aerobic an anaerobic as well as how much fat you are burning. Not that I'm super concerned about that, but I think will help me to improve overall as I pay attention to these things. Will someone please remind me I need to do that. Thanks.

Spin class continues to rock and we had a touch ride on Tuesday. I swear my quads are going to jump out of my skin sometimes.

Nothing but eating on Thursday and then did a 5 mile run today, 42 minutes. And it's cold as all get out here in Tri-Cities.

Ok, enuf for now. Later. B

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