Friday, April 18, 2008


So it has not been quite 2 weeks and I'm blogging again. Damn, I'm on a roll. Anyways, we are on Boston. Got here Thursday morning and the weather this last couple days has been great.

We actually did a little running around yesterday. Got our Charlie Cards (subway) and headed out to Harvard yard, toured the school area a little bit and then back. Found the finish area of the marathon and wandered quite a bit on foot.

Today we jumped on the trolley tour and got a good historic guide through out the area. Jumped off at the Expo and wandered there for a bit. That is how an expo should be. Huge and well organized. They really do it up for the athletes. Cool little photo opps, the gear is great and lots of food vendors:-)

One of the coolest things today was meeting Dick Hoyt and talking with him in person. Seems like a super nice guy. No more Ironman events for them anymore, just some marathons and half ironman events. We talked about which ones and all are on the east coast. Mainly b/c it is so costly to ship all the gear they need to participate. You see those guys in videos and what not but talk with him, casual as it was, was pretty cool. (

Jumped back on the trolly, to the marina where we did a little harbor boat ride. Jumped off and toured the USS Constitution aka old ironsides ( Cool old ship.

Went out for a little 4 mile run through Boston Commons and along the waterfront and back. I had on my finisher shirt from MI and Col had on Seattle Marathon finisher shirt. A girl from Seattle said, hey, I did both of those and convesation took place.

She was super nice and sociable and is here for her second time. Sherri lives on lower QA and wants to start tri'ing so we talked about that and hooking up with the group. Her friend she was with lives in Cali and works for, guess who, MS. So he and I exchanged info as he is playing support crew as well.

Kick ass dinner at Dolce Vita ( Everything was delicious. Then over to one of the most popular backerys in the North End, Mikes ( for what else, a cannoli and coffee. Place was a zoo on a Friday night.

Ok, that is about it but wanted to get this down before I forgot. Later

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