Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of stuff to do

There is a lot to do in Boston and it's pretty cool city too. And who said East coast people were unfriendly? We ate at the Kinsale Pub on Tremont and not only did they have some great grub, the our main waitress in one of her co-workers were very cool.

We were talking about being from Seattle and that we were here for the marathon. They asked what we had done thus far and then proceeded to sit down and put together a list of things for us to check out, which we have almost hit most of.

Sociable and approachable is how everyone has been. The concierges have been awesome at the Nine Zero Hotel where we are staying. Cool swank little spot very well located near the Boston Commons and everything else.

Take note: I think Dunkin Donuts has more stores than Starbucks here. I really think this is the first city I have been to in a long time where I have seen more of another coffee shop than sbux (as seen on NASDAQ). No I did not cave as there are still plenty of sbux located in walking distance of the hotel and really everywhere we have been:-)

The Freedom Trail was cool to check out, wandering Beacon Hill was good and just checking out the old schoolness of the city is really nice. Now the prices of living here would definitely require someone to give me a raise!

Sunday was pretty a pretty chill day. Wandered some, hit the market in the north end, a short along the waterfront and a low key pre race meail at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).

Ok, need to go get an sbux and breakfast sammich and then jump on the subway and make my way out to mile 16 or so and cheer on Col and the runners. If you did not know, today is the boston marathon. Great weather this morning for a run.

Hopefully log on later and do a quick update about the marathon. If not, catch you tomorrow.


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snowygrl said...

stay away from the Dunkin' Donuts... lol