Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life by bike

Hello there and welcome to snow storm continuation Dec 2008.  For those of us Seattleites that have been here for say, the last 5-10 years, getting a dusting of snow in the low lands is not abnormal.  For us to get anywhere from 4-10 inches from downtown (DT) Seattle to anywhere within a 10 -15 mile radius of DT is CRAZY.

And it continues to stay.  I have been here about 11 years and have never seen a winter like this and have always lived close to the city (Ballard and Fremont areas).   My current dwelling is a 9 mile commute (by bike) door to door to work and I try to ride most of the year.  During the winter months I sometimes drive or take the bus.  But note, not a big fan of the bus.  

Since last Thursday, I have worked from home.  The job allows it and I/we (Recruiting) can doing our job from almost anywhere we have a phone and an internet connection.    Enough about work though as I'm writing this to talk about life by bike.

Besides work, things in life need to happen; grocery shopping, errands, the gym, the mall, etc.  So during this last week of snow storm 08, I have hung up the single speed urban bomber and been trekking around via mountain bike.  What a blast.  While I have only been putting in about 5-10 miles a day, I am getting everything done.

I have been to the gym daily (3.2 miles RT).  Went and picked up $70 worth of groceries from QFC (3 miles RT),  N. Gate mall (3 miles RT), Lowes (1.6 miles RT), and so on.  You get the drift.  

Anyways, I wish I could live my life on my bike all the time.  Even though I can't, I make sure I can whenever possible.  

Now go forth and Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!  

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